352 DS AIR 2V Vacuum Transfer System

352 DS AIR is a sturdy industrial vacuum, ideal for cleaning duties in working environments where electrical supply is not available, such as ships and shipyards.

The vacuum is equipped of an integrated manual filter cleaning system to mantain always the best performances

  • Suitable for mixed wet & dry applications
  • Detachable container with possibility of using disposable bags
  • Maintenance free Venturi suction unit
  • Integrated filter cleaning system
  • Light and portable


Power V Aria compressa Pression bar 6
Compressed air supply Nl/min 3000 Internal diameter compressed air supply mm 10
Depression mmH2O 4180 Depression ( continuous service) mmH2O 4180
Airflow max m3/h 300 Surface cm2 20000
Filtration class ( primary filter) (IEC 60335-2-69) L Filter surface ( HEPA filter) cm2 27000
Filtration class ( HEPA filter) (EN1822) H14 Air load on primary filter m3/m2/h 150.00
Capacity lt 35 Suction inlet diameter mm 80
Sound level dB(A) 70 Dimensions cm 70 X 55 X 127 h.
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