802 WD AIR 1V Vacuum Transfer System

The 802 WD AIR is a powerful air compressed operated industrial vacuum ideal for suction of large quantities of liquids, even if mixed with solids

  • Suitable for wet & dry service.
  • 100% Steel construction.
  • Compact, light and portable.
  • Complete wet and dry filter (double stage, self cleaning) kits and accessoires included
  • Ideal for service aboard ships and in shipyards


Power V Aria compressa Pression bar 6
Compressed air supply Nl/min 1500 Internal diameter compressed air supply mm 10
Depression mmH2O 4180 Depression ( continuous service) mmH2O 4180
Airflow max m3/h 150 Surface cm2 8000
Filtration class ( primary filter) (IEC 60335-2-69) L Filter surface ( HEPA filter) cm2 27000
Filtration class ( HEPA filter) (EN1822) H14 Air load on primary filter m3/m2/h 187.00
Capacity lt 80 Floating SI
Suction inlet diameter mm 80 Sound level dB(A) 73
Dimensions cm 62 X 53 X 100 h. Weight kg 31
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