EVO HD Vacuum Transfer System

Welding fumes and dust extractor for workshops

Welding fumes and airborne dust into the environment derived from grinding and other processing are extremely harmful elements to the health of workers who are exposed to these substances for long periods of time. A prolonged exposure can result in serious consequences for the health of operators, leading to serious illnesses in the lungs.

For this and many other reasons it is essential to filter welding fumes and airborne dust, capturing and extracting it directly at the source. This is precisely the aim of Delfin’s dust and fumes extractors, easy to use, designed to fit perfectly to any type of work.

  • Air filter for welding fumes and fine airborne dust particles.
  • filtration of welding fumes and harmful substances.
  • Great air flow.
  • Very easy to use and user friendly


Power V 400 3~ Frequency Hz 50
Power kW 1,5 Airflow max m3/h 1300
Suction inlet diameter mm 150 Dimensions cm 60 x 72 x 66
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